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Summer 2018 scholarship opportunity

Dear Professors, Alumni/ae, and Potential Scholars:  
On behalf of the Friends of Slovakia (FOS), a US based non-profit organization devoted to promoting good relations between Slovakia and the United States, we are writing to inform you of an opportunity that we hope you will bring to the attention of your students and friends.  Every summer since 2004, FOS has provided support for Slovak students to participate in the summer programs of the Fund for American Studies (TFAS) in Washington, DC.  The 2018 FOS Slovak Scholars program is scheduled to take place from 2 June-27 July. All students must meet the criteria set by TFAS in order to be considered for an FOS Scholarship and are also required to meet the program’s English proficiency guidelines (see http://www.dcinternships.org/wp-content/uploads/International-Students.pdf). For students demonstrating financial need, scholarships from FOS and TFAS will cover most program costs (including housing), but Slovak students will be responsible for travel costs, living expenses, as well as health care through the George Mason University (GMU) student insurance plan.
Since 2013, the TFAS programs have taken place at GMU’s campus in Arlington, VA, and students are housed at George Washington University in Washington, DC. Participants not only increase their knowledge by attending courses and lectures but also are able to interact with students from many of the top universities in the US, in addition to other international students.  Moreover, students hold internships for approximately 30 hours per week, giving them practical work experience in the United States.   
Students who are interested should complete their applications as instructed on the TFAS website at www.dcinternships.org.  The application deadline for international students is 22 January 2017. A copy of the applications should be sent by email to Dr. Sharon Wolchik at swolchik@gmail.com. Students may also send a printed copy of their applications to Dr. Sharon Wolchik, IERES, 1957 E Street, George Washington University, Washington, DC 20052.
Slovak students who have participated in this program have found it to be extremely beneficial and have remained in touch through groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as regular events in Bratislava.  We hope that you will make your students and friends aware of this opportunity and urge those whom you think would benefit to apply.  If anyone has additional questions, we would be happy to put potential candidates in touch with previous scholars from Slovakia.
Yours sincerely,
     Professor Sharon Wolchik and Dr. Sharon Fisher


The following is a brief description of the five TFAS institutes.  If you would like a brochure with more details about the programs, please click on the following link: http://www.dcinternships.org/our-programs/
Institute on Political Journalism (IPJ)
The quality of public discourse in a free society depends heavily on the accuracy of information provided by the news media. The Institute on Political Journalism was established in 1985 to ensure that future journalists apply basic ethical principles to their reporting and have the tools to accurately cover issues involving economic concepts. The Institute selects many of the best journalism students in the country to attend this Institute each summer, where they attend classes in economics and ethics and serve in internships in major news organizations. Participants also attend weekly lectures at the National Press Club and attend regular briefings at principal news sites such as Congress, the State Department, and the Federal Reserve Board. 
Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service (IPVS)
This Institute is for students interested in non-governmental organizations or civil society. As part of the Institute experience, students attend exclusive site briefings, guest lectures and participate in the Institute Philanthropy Project. The project is designed to allow students to directly impact the DC community through fundraising activities and service projects. At the end of the Institute, students award a grant to a worthy community program with the money raised.
Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems (ICPES)
This Institute is intended primarily for students interested in careers in government, international affairs, public policy, and academia.  Students take two courses which offer a thorough understanding of the American political tradition and exposure to market economics through comparative study. 
Institute on Business and Government Affairs (IBGA)
The First Amendment guarantees the right "to petition the government for redress of grievances," a right vital to a free society. The Bryce Harlow Institute on Business and Government Affairs exposes students to the processes by which business exercises this important right. Through academic study, internships in corporate governmental affairs offices and trade associations, and in panel discussions with leaders in the profession, students gain an appreciation for the essential interplay between business and government, and its effect on our nation's future.
Institute on International Affairs and Economics (IEIA)
This institute helps prepare students for careers in international policy issues and diplomacy. The program offers internships with international policy groups, think tanks, embassies and global non-governmental organizations throughout the Washington area.