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European Legal Studies in the Slovak Republic

The Faculty of Law of the Trnava University in Trnava, is an important centre of legal education and legal research that emphasizes on moral values and fundamental principles of democracy and rule of law. Their activities are focused on the teaching, interpretation, and application of the national public and private law, international law, and European law. Our faculty declares that their educational and scientific activities want to serve the truths, equities, freedoms, ideals of humanity, and protection of moral and spiritual values. Faculty nurtures and educates following their core values, in the spirit of ecumenism, tolerance, and mutual respect.


about European Legal Studies - guide


Full academic year: End of September – End of June

Winter semester: End of September 2021 – middle of February 2022 (dates will be specified)

Summer semester: middle of February – End of June

Deadlines for Application: 15th July for the whole academic year / for winter semester (if applied for accommodation provided by the Faculty) 30th November for summer semester (if applied for accommodation provided by the Faculty)

How to apply: The applicant needs to fill in the application form. The signed and scanned application form need to be send via e-mail to these addresses: peter.meszaros@truni.sk and prf@truni.sk. To the application form, the scanned passport (the side with photo) and the confirmation about the first degree in Law need to be enclosed.

Applicants: Applicants must have a first degree in law from a recognized university or institution of higher education, or provide documentation indicating that they will earn such a first degree before enrolment in a program. Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in English.

Credits and certificate: A standard student’s workload in the program European Legal Studies in the whole academic year (2 semesters – winter and summer) is granted by the number of 60 credits. For 1 semester, 30 credits. At the end of program, the student obtains the Certificate.

Language of Courses: English and German

Course Catalogue: click here


Due to the coronavirus and up-to-date legal acts and restrictions, please check https://korona.gov.sk/en/.