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News and Events

25.02.2022: Statement on Current Events: The Faculty of Law of Trnava University in Trnava values democratic principles, adherence to the principles of international law, and peaceful conflict resolution. The Faculty stands by all its international students regardless of their nationality. In need of help due to the current situation, they are encouraged to contact the Faculty Management: http://iuridica.truni.sk/zakladne-informacie

22.02.2022: The Faculty of Law of Trnava University in Trnava co-organises the online lecture series and round tables in Russian and English "Евразия / EurAsia: Европа и Азия: религия, право и межкультурная связь / Europe and Asia: Religion, Law and cross-cultural Connectivity". For more information click here or visit the webpage: https://www.saphireatjnu.com/activitiesevents/

21.02.2022: The Faculty of Law of Trnava University in Trnava co-organises the international scientific conference Transcarpathian Legal Readings that will take place in Uzhhorod (Ukraine) on 28 - 29 April 2022. For more information about the conference click here.

20.02.2022: Dr. Michaela Moravčíková, a researcher and lecturer at the Law Faculty in Trnava University, takes part in the Jean Monnet Project – Strengthening and Promoting EU Studies Across India (SAPHIRE), co-Funded by European Union: https://www.saphireatjnu.com/.

17.02.2022: The lectures of Professor Gábriš and Dr. Lanczová (Department of Legal History), recorded under the Visegrad Project on the topic "Continuity and Discontinuity of Pre-war Legal Systems in the Postwar Successor States (1918–1939)", are available here: https://wyznaniowe.law.uj.edu.pl/lectures-on-line-inter-war-law-in-czech...

Various lecturers from the V4 countries spoke on interwar law in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Poland. Available on the web page are their lectures and English translations of selected legal interwar regulations, too.

14.02.2022: We invite you to join the online event (on February 24th, 2022) Round table - A debate of Slovak Russian students on topic: The System of European Security in the XXi Century: Ideology, Institutions, Tools.  How to join the meeting: click here.

01.10.2021: Distinguished Colleagues, The Department of Legal History invites you to join the online webinar Difficult Heritage: Interwar Codification Movement in Central and Eastern Europe (1918-1939). The webinar is part of the project "Continuity and Discontinuity of Pre-war Legal Systems in the Postwar Successor States (1918–1939)". The webinar will take place on October 07, 2021. The webinar program is available on the website: http://www.wyznaniowe.law.uj.edu.pl/event . To participate in the webinar, please register at https://tiny.pl/9gjzl . You will receive the MS Teams link at the provided email address. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

15.09.2021: The Department of Legal History currently prepares the conference proceeding Legal-Historical Trends and Perspectives VI. We thank all the conference authors for submitting their proceedings papers.